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'Gent Double Show 2022'
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nieuws - 08/05/2022
Gent Double Show 2022  -  België

honden fokkers en hond foto's door Karl Donvil
Gent’s 51 & 52 CACIB Show Two years of waiting, two years of Covid restrictions that blocked all the possibilities to organise a dog show. No organisation would take the risk of doing this and losing lots of money. Now, a couple of months after the general release we all want to pick up again. The result is that we have several postponed World and European Dog shows at choice, but this very same phenomenon is also happening more locally. That’s why many shows are double shows and the one of Gent was no difference. It was not even so long ago that Gent had a show every two years. That suddenly changed into a show every year and even before Covid, it has been a double CACIB show.

This edition was a double one too, the Saturday edition with 1544 entries and the Sunday with 1531. 21 Judges were invited, only 4 of them were judging one day only, Belgian ones, starting their careers. A total of 7 judges were Belgians, the other 14 came from 9 different nations, making it a real CACIB show worthy. Monge, Italy’s number one petfood company, was the sponsor and is trying to conquer more ground in Europe. A modern background and a new podium was the result. The Flanders Expo Halls are huge and offer so much space that the big hall was only occupied for 75%, leaving enough space for a big Main ring. There was a small stairs build behind the judges tables offering a nice overview of the finals. On the short sides a couple of rows of chairs offered extra seats for the visitors. The timing for the show was very good and it all went smoothly and in general the judges followed well the guidelines of the ring steward so that the whole of it looked well organized, contrary to the chaotic situations that we still see in many shows.

The composition of the jury was well done, with a dogs/judging rate of 80,9 and that is very good! On Saturday 8 judges had more than 100 dogs to judge and 3 on Sunday. 4 Judges came from Ireland. Fiona and Noreen Clarke were good for 426 dogs in total of both days. Fiona had 25 Pomeranians on Saturday, Noreen had 25 Dalmatians on Saturday and 25 Saint Bernards on Sunday. Also from Ireland was Marion Finney. She judged the Teckels on Saturday, 101 in total. On Sunday she had another 78 entries including 37 Chinese Cresteds. Nicola Huges accompanied the ladies. He had the best Single day score with 111 entries, including 41 Golden Retrievers. On Sunday another 88 entries were waiting for him and that included 35 Rhodesian Ridgebacks and 25 Flat Coated Retrievers. Marian Draganescu came from as far as Romania and judged 110 dogs on Saturday, including 29 Staffordshire Bull Terriers, plus another 76 dogs on Sunday. We don’t often see Norwegian judges, but Børge Espeland, was without any doubt a hit. With 228 entries, 110 on Saturday ad 108 on Sunday, he was well occupied and the Second best overall scoring judge of the show, right in between Noreen and Fiona Clarke. His neighbours from Denmark proved also to be a good choice. Charlotte Haierhad 103 dogs on Saturday and 79 on Sunday, while Lotte Jorgensen had 101 entries on Saturday and 95 on Sunday. Mr.Benjamin Sanchez from Spain, was one of the 3 judges with a score of over 100. On Saturday he had 83 dogs and on Sunday 101.

John Wauben from the Netherlands was the Best In Show judge on Saturday. His 3rd BIS was the Shorthaired Dachshund “Invincible-indy Van De Wouwer”. She was entered in Open Class and won BOB from an entry of 17 under judge Marion Finney and who also judged the group in the main ring. The dog lives with Meeuwesen Annette from the Netherlands. The second place was for the English Springer Spaniel “Imagine A Great Future Avendesorae”. Annemiek De Vries, also from the Netherlands, is the owner. Viviane Boesmans from Belgium was the judge and she too judged the group later in the main ring. Best in Show went to the Greyhound “ Ina’s Fashion Extraordinaire”, coming from Germany along with his mistress Ina Koulermou. 5 were entered for Mr.Benjamin Sanchez and this time it was another judge for the group, Mrs.Lotte Jorgensen.

Mr. Sanchez was the judge for BIS on Sunday. His 3rd place went to the Bouvier des Flandres “Nike-xena V/d Vanenblikhoeve”, owned by Mr. Hennie Bruyntjes-Schaap from the Netherlands. Out of 16 he was chosen Best of Breed by Mrs. Noreen Clarke. Mrs. Fiona Clarke gave the ticket for the finals. Reserve Best In Show went to Peter Kaiser’s Scottish Terrier “Sir Darnley`s Yeoman Yard”. The came from Germany. The group judge was Mr. Sanchez himself, but it was Jansen-Kalshoven Mieke from the Netherlands who judged the breed. She had 11 in her ring. Best In Show on Sunday went to the Labrador “Capronca Gary” who came all the way from Croatia along with Matija Ficko. Mr.Espeland Børge from Norway had 20 to chose from and repeated his choice when he also had to judge the group in the main ring.

Text, photos and results: Karl DONVIL

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